PlayStation 4 Pro Is The Console-Standard All Game Developers Are Praising

During Sony's PlayStation Meeting, the PlayStation 4 Pro was released. While it is still technically a between generations console, the updates that Sony made on the base gadget are more than noteworthy. The new device enhances one of the biggest features of the gaming world - graphics. And game developers from around the world are excited to push the PS4 Pro to its absolute limit

Naughty Dog And PlayStation 4 Pro

As VG24/7 notes, Naughty Dog's Christian Gyrling was particularly excited about the technological opportunities that Sony's PlayStation 4 now presents to game developers. In these initial stages, Gyrling is working on PS4 Pro compatible versions of "Uncharted 4" and "The Last Of Us Remastered." As these games have been lauded for their graphics as they are, the chance to showcase the game in 4K video is definitely going to be an experience unlike any other - and Gyrling in particular is appreciative for it.

"I'm very passionate about it because I've seen, and I'm very happy to be able to show everyone else, what our games can look like," he said. "And it's not just - really it's what they do look like, what they always looked like, but we no longer have to restrict it to the lower resolution, the lower colour space... we can open it all up."

PlayStation 4 Pro - Specs 

And really, there is no need to question why Naughty Dog is so excited about Sony's new addition. As EuroGamer quotes, there is definitely more power in the PlayStation 4 Pro, as compared to the standard PS4 unit. The console manufacturer even boasts that it has "more than doubled" the GPU power.

The PS4 has an eight-core x86-64 AMD "Jaguar" and a 4.20 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon Based Graphics Engine. The device moves even quicker because it runs on 8GB of RAM and has a hard disk of 1TB.

All in all, the PS4 Pro has 1.3 more power from the CPU and 2.3 times the power from its GPU, when compared to the standard console. Furthermore, it has 24 percent more bandwidth and 512MB more reusable memory. 

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