'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Theories On Adam's Survival Surfaces After Hints That He's Alive

Recently, "The Young And The Restless" dropped hints of Adam Newman possibly being alive after the blast. Like Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) in the series, many fans can't get over after he was declared dead as Justin Hartley left the show but this new glint of hope led up to theories on how he survived.

As previously reported here on Itechpost, Justin Hartley who plays the role of Adam in "The Young And The Restless" left to film a new drama titled "This Is Us," and his character was killed in an explosion which left everyone heartbroken. And recently, we saw a pair of hands in black gloves who is in possession of Adam's wedding ring.

The first prediction is, Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) is the mastermind behind all this. She apparently saved Adam to make him her hostage and punish him, which is not impossible considering her twisted nature. She previously framed Adam on murder and shot him with a dart gun. Who could tell what her craziness could bring?

Another theory is, he faked his death himself, currently recuperating from injuries in the blast and will just press the doorbell on Chelsea's door one day to surprise her. Maybe he wants to solve his problems by himself first before making a grand comeback. Or maybe he lost his memories because a hard object hit her head during the incident and he's currently under the care of someone who knows him but doesn't want to reveal his condition to others and will come back after he regains his memory. "The Young And The Restless" fans want him back on any way possible.

On the other hand on "The Young And The Restless," this September 13, Soap Shows reported, Jack (Tristan Rogers) spends a fortune to learn what's going on with his wife and had an intense chat with Jill (Jess Walton), Chelsea is still having mood swings and lashes out on Sharon (Sharon Case). And Is Victor finally going to tell Chelsea about Chloe's true nature?

"The Young And The Restless," airs every weekdays on CBS.

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