'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 3 News And Updates: Fans Outraged Over Anime's Slow Production; Season To Be The Bloodiest Ever

Fans are disappointed over the slow production of "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3, which until now, does not have an air date or official plot and character details yet. 

On a report, the production is currently receiving a lot of scrutiny due to prolonged delay of "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3, as well as possible changes on Ken Kaneki's character.

According to previous reports, the production team, Studio Pierrot, will fast pace the anime due to good reception of its manga series, however, other rumors says it will air after the production of its live-action film adaptation which is scheduled for release on summer next year.

It was also further reported that the fans are on the edge with Ken's change in attitude as rumors says that he will turn to be the antagonist of the series.

The next anime installment is also rumored to be the bloodiest among all previous arcs. It will feature a lot of gore and violence such as throat slashing with no censorship on the said scenes.

In the second season, an amnesiac Ken Kaneki lived a new identity as Haise Saseki and became the leader of the Quinx Squad. If "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3 follows the same story line as the manga, we will be able to see Arima end his life by slashing his own throat. According to reports, Arima will help Ken regain his memory and they will be close to each other. But, a fight between them ensues and Arima will decide to kill himself. In his last breath, Arima will tell Ken that he was the one who killed the former king so he has to be the new One-Eyed King.

The 12-episode first season of "Tokyo Ghoul" aired on July to September 2014 while the second installment aired on January to March 2015.

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