London Mayor Challenges Uber, Pledges Government Support To Local Taxi Industry

London's first Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, went head to head against hail riding company Uber after he pledged the city government's full support to the local taxi industry. This gives Uber another challenge to overcome in its aim to dominate the hail riding industry.

Bloomberg said that Mayor Khan, who is just four months into his job, is promising new policies to uphold the rights and needs of London's cab drivers.

In a statement released Tuesday, the mayor stated that the London's transport authority will "incorporate taxi booking information into its Transport for London journey planner mobile app by summer 2017." The mobile application will provide visitors and citizens alike traveling around London a travel itinerary which will reveal roads and schedules used by London's iconic black taxis.

Before the year ends, London's black taxis will be permitted to drive an additional 20 lanes through the city which before were only reserved for buses.

Bloomberg states that privately hired vehicles such as those from Uber are not allowed to use these less congested routes through traffic.

The Standard reported that Khan has decided to increase designated taxi pick-up locations throughout London from 500 to 600 by year 2020.

The publication further said that the mayor is also looking into supporting the educational needs of taxi drivers by requiring them to pass a license test - known as The Knowledge - which will be accredited as a formal qualification and can be used by drivers to apply for study loans.

"From my first day at City Hall I have been determined to drive up standards and improve safety for every passenger in London, while protecting the future of our iconic black cabs that provide a unique and invaluable service for Londoners," Kahn said.

According to Bloomberg, policies previously announced by the British government which was greatly contested in court by Uber, included a mandatory policy which requires all private hire drivers to pass an English language exam. Some of Uber's drivers are apparently immigrants or not British born.

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