Why Pokemon GO Players Shouldn't Catch This Pokemon

In the world of Pokemon GO, it's every player's dream to catch them all and be the very best. However, there's one Pokemon that needs to be an exception -- Grimer, that is. That as much as possible, it's best to veer away from it. Here's why.

According to Otakukart, Grimer is believed to be the most glitched creature in Pokemon GO. It follows the very footsteps of Ivysaur, which is also said to be flawed. There are players who reportedly experienced having their games crash from time to time whenever they try to catch or hatch it.

In one way or another, catching Grimer in Pokemon GO is surely a hellish experience. In fact, whenever they meet it at a certain gym, their app crashes, too. Moreover, the glitch also happens every single time a trainer tries to scroll past the Pokemon in the Pokedex or Journal.

The aforementioned glitch in Pokemon GO is said to have existed since last month, though only few players reported it back then. Unfortunately, as of this writing, Niantic has yet to find a solution to the problem. It's safe to say that this bug has slipped through the studio's eagle-like eyes.

Furthermore, there are Pokemon GO players who pointed out that whenever a Grimer of perfect IVs (15/15/15 - 733 CP, 104 HP and 2500 DP) is hatched, the game crashes as well. It even goes to affect any Pokemon that is near on list, before and after the hatching process.

It is worth noting, though, that this issue only tends to exist on the Android version of Pokemon GO. iOS users are said to have not experienced such.

What are your thoughts on the Grimer glitch in Pokemon GO? Have you also experienced the same scenario when trying to catch one? Or was it the other way around? Either way, let us know what your thoughts are at the comment section below!

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