Upcoming New HBO Series 'Westworld' New Trailer: A Dream So Real, Turns Into A Nightmare

There is a new series that will be launched by HBO this year that is assessed to be making a great impact to the audience once it premieres. The upcoming sci-fi thriller titled "Westworld," released its new trailer that will set the audience in deep anticipation.

What is "Westworld" Of HBO All About?

The concept of the upcoming HBO series "Westworld" is about an artificial adult playground set in a Western landscape that will allegedly fulfil the desires of those who want to go there. It has been described as a futuristic themepark called the "Westworld" that is about the dawn of artificial consciousness.

In just a few weeks, "Westworld" is going to premiere on HBO and their recently released trailer has featured so much excitement to the storyline that will certainly leave the audience wanting more.

New Trailer Of "Westworld" Entices The Audience Even More Of The Series

In the trailer, one of the main stars of the show Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins), the creator of the "Westworld" is seen evaluating the character played by Evan Rachel Wood with the others such as James Marsden, Ben Barnes and Jimmi Simpson living their personal fantasies in the artificial world that was created.

However, their happy fantasies turn into tragedy when the machines that were built to live up their fantasies become more aware of who they are, thus begins the climax of the story. That is then the whole concept of the series which is an intersection of both the dream of the future and the memories of the past.

HBO Series "Westworld" Adaptation Of 1973 Film Of The Same Title

"Westworld" is produced by the director of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" JJ Abrams and Jonathan Nolan, and an adaptation of the 1973 film of the same title. The filming of the series was reportedly paused initially this year just so the creators of the series could plan the further seasons of the series when it gets continually renewed, given its complicated storyline.

"Westworld" is set to premiere on HBO this coming October 2, 2016.

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