'Pokemon GO' Latest News: Did The Distance Tracking Get A Well-Deserved Update?

"Pokemon Go" players, rejoice!

A recent "Pokemon GO" information has cited that hatching eggs via walking a specific distance has been corrected and is now far more superior than the last time.

The test was conducted in a cosmopolitan area wherein the public thoroughfare was a combination of city-center streets plus narrow streets accompanied by a lot of corners and turns, according to Pokemon Go Hub.

Their examination registered at around 18 kilometers for that evening via a permutation of the egg distance tracker and the buddy tracker system.

The group came across these variables for that said experiment that showcased a stepping-up of 15%-20% of tracked distance:

  • Frequency of "Pokemon GO" tracker updates has also made progress
  • Doing turns, especially at a 90-degree angle equate to more rewards
  • When players work together in turns as they moved casually in one certain direction, this will not equate directly to losing distance
  • The tracking speed still registers at 10.5 km/h
  • Penalties during GPS absence is no longer that heavy
  • Passenger limit, however, has become firm in its implementation as the penalty repay you with zero or a short quantity of kilometers
  • Egg and Pokemon Buddy counts are in synced

"Pokemon Go" creator Niantic has mentioned that the recent redesign is going to alter some availability issues when you're exchanging systems, so ideally a portion of the separation following issues will be minimized.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you discover your separation still isn't following accurately, the "Pokemon GO" update fixes above may offer a good value of assistance.

In related news, the Bluetooth-powered accessory for "Pokemon Go" which enable users to interact with Pokestops at a mere push of a button has will finally be made public next Friday, Sept. 16, As reported in the Business Insider.

What do you think about these recent updates on the "Pokemon Go," hit us in the comments section.

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