'Overwatch' Update: Latest Patch Changes Mercy's Plays of the Game; More Payload? Plus Other Minor Fixes

The new "Overwatch" update is simply a minor undertaking, but it does cover a significant portion of the Blizzard Entertainment release.

An update of the amount of "Plays of the Game" for Mercy's ability to have "Resurrection" significantly went lower while the the payload speed for Eichenwalde map has gone up, according to PC Gamer.

The new "Overwatch" patch includes a "Competitive Play" information screen that has now been given a "Competitive Tier" legends section as well an alteration of the "Round Complete" splash for a new "Match Complete" splash during "Competitive" matches.

A resolution was also administered for the "Triple Kill" announcement with the bug that stops the proclamation of a player after a long kill streak now gone. Another bug that was fixed is the sudden appearance of an incorrect arrow on the bow of Hanzo. Other players claimed that the bug also covered no arrows being shown at all.

Reaper's Shadow Step has been cancelled, especially when done on unintentionally on the Hollywood map. Another improvement was on Junkrat's RIP-Tire which prohibited the player from acquiring glories for achievements and kills, as well as other statistics.

The minor "Overwatch" patch also settled on issues regarding the misappropriated earning of higher skills from certain players. This issue was also fixed.

Blizzard Entertainment, however, mentioned that the small minority of "Overwatch" players involved should expect their ratings to be attuned properly as a result.

"Overwatch" right now brags the biggest share of players in all Korean web cafes, as indicated by Gametrics.

The site, which tracks and outlines what individuals are playing at more than 4,000 of the nation's PC bangs, records "Overwatch" game as the session of decision for more than 30 percent of bistro benefactors, besting League of Legends' 27.8 percent offer.

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