'Clash of Clans' Update & Leaks: Bigger And Better Than 'Pokemon GO'

"Clash of Clans" developer Supercell simply doesn't want to get overshadowed by the popularity of "Pokemon GO" and wants to reclaim the title from Niantic's AR game. Hence, the Finland-based gaming company is planning to release the biggest "Clash of Clans" update soon and with lots of freebies to boot.

According to rumors, the new "CoC" update will be more friendly by providing assistance to new players. Supercell hopes that the new version will lure back the game's popularity and attract new players.
While fans are waiting for the update, more and more speculations arise regarding what changes will be implemented and added. At present, "Clash of Clans" has three game modes to choose from -- Single Player, Friendly Challenge, and Money Player.

"Clash of Clans" leaks revealed that the plan will have a new game mode. They also said that the previous game modes will be modified to bring a better gaming experience to players.

There is also a strong buzz going around that "Clash of Clans" will be introducing a reward system which is similar to "Pokemon GO." Thus, if Pokemon gives lure mode, Pokeballs, eggs, and other freebies to its fans, "Clash of Clans" is said to give out free gems. 

The upcoming update will also include changes to Town Hall 1 to 11 and make the levels more difficult and complicated. Supercell might also introduce new characters with powerful attacks to make the gameplay more exciting.

So far, the latest update was released in August, which contained increased cannon damage and faster movement for miners. That means that miners burrowed underground get quicker in wiping out entire villages. In addition to that, healers have been given the ability to shoot air traps.  

Reports said that Supercell will release the new "Clash of Clans" update around Sept. 18. However, the game developer hasn't made any official announcements yet as to when it will be released for public.

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