Samsung's Strategic Comeback: Replacements For Defective Galaxy Note 7S

Samsung has always been one of the leading brands in Technology. To inspire the world and create the future has always been the company's mission statement. With that, it is admired by billions for its product specificátions and affordability. It is indeed appealing for all techie consumers around the globe. But with the company facing a great issue today, how could they make a great comeback in the market?

According to The Guardian, Samsung has postponed the sales of its newly-released Galaxy Note 7S. It is after confirmed explosions of the products happened in South Korea. Koh Dong Jin, president of Samsung mobile venture, reiterated that the safety of their users is of utmost importance. Thus, cancellation of sales is deemed the appropriate option. 

With its launching's cessation, the company came back with a strategy that would help regain the customer's confidence in the product. The strategy is to offer replacements for people who already acquired the Smartphone. The company expects to give out the said replacements in two weeks' time. Not just that, they have already put on hold all the supposed launching in countries like United Kingdom with the issue arising. 

Around 400,000 replacements will be supplied by the company to local stores, in lieu of the problem. 100,000 units will be existing in the stores first then an additional 50,000-60,000 phablets will be send out on the succeeding days, counting it all as completed by September 25. The company already conversed with controllers on how to distinguish the replacements from the old ones.

It is of great importance to know that Samsung is customer-oriented and lives out its mission statement. They proved that in any downfall, a comeback should be well-planned and well-established to regain few falls.

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