Amazon Echo Dot Speakers Back At $50

Amazon's connected Echo Dot Speaker is back in the market. It is sold at lower price of $49.99. 
Prior to to the Echo Dot Speaker, Amazon released The Amazon Echo - a speaker that serves as a voice-controlled assistant. Its function is triggered by saying the word "Echo", "Amazon" or  the name "Alexa". This cylindrical-shaped speaker can play audio books from Audible and music from Amazon Music, Pandora, TuneIn, Spotify, Prime Music, and iHeartRadio; to name some.

The Echo Dot speaker offers most of the features you will find in Amazon Echo. Its features also include access to Amazon's voice-based assistant that you can activate on command and enable playing of music, reading news, checking weather, turning on lights, setting timers, and using apps; among others . 

The Dot is effectively smaller than the Echo. It can connect via Bluetooth or a 3.5-mm stereo cable to your entertainment system. 

With the the Dot can, you can buy multiple devices and place them around the house so Alexa can respond to whichever device closest to you. This is a big advantage to busy homes with kids. The more speakers you have, the better Alexa can respond to your commands. 

Amazon has also developed an Echo Spatial Perception (ESP) to prevent simultaneous responding of devices to a question or a command.

ESP enables the device to detect which Dot is closest to you and should respond to your voice query. According to Amazon, ESP's performance will improve over time so it will resolve the problem of multiple Echo devices answering you simultaneously.

The Echo Dot was introduced In March in response to Amazon customers' requests for a way to connect their own speakers to Echo. By this, customers are now able to control their home entertainment system using a voice command or use it on its own via "Alexa" command.  

The Dot is likened to a larger Echo. It has seven microphones found in the Echo and works to control all the same smart home that Echo supports.

The Dot costs $89.99 before. Now, it is sold at $50 which is more affordable to budget- conscious customers. It comes in a six-pack (buy 5, get one free) and a 12-pack (buy 10, get  2 free). Shipping starts next month. 

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