iMessage Collaborated With A Self-Destructing Message Application

A lot has changed in the way today's generation communicates.A few years back, snail mails are used to communicate with people across distances. But, as times goes by, developers introduced to us new concepts of communicating. One of those is iMessage.

iMessage made communicating to others a lot easier. It revolutionized messaging in a lot of ways. It is user-friendly and perhaps one of the most sought-after features of Apple products to date. It added qualities that made it more efficient in transmitting messages all around the globe. All went well as it introduced its new attributes; everyone taught that was the end.

But Apple is not done yet; it's just a teaser of the next big wave. iMessage collaborated with Confide, an application designed for self-destructing messages. Yes, you read it right! iMessage is currently trending on social media because of this. 

Confide is a confidential messenger. It erases the fear of having your transmitted messages permanently saved on someone else's phone. The developers utilize end-to-end encryption to secure and protect conversations. It defends any users from screenshots by sending a message to the sender if someone attempts to get a copy of the message. 

In order for the application to work, both the sender and the receiver should have the application downloaded on the App Store. Messages sent through Confide can only be seen when the users drag their finger on the message. Once read, it will automatically disappear. 

According to BGR, "Confide is also compatible with Apple user's companion Siri. Just tell Siri to send a Confide message and it will be transmitted immediately."

Users should never be worried because developers of the self-destructing message application could never read your messages as well. What has been sent privately would always remain privatel.

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