Interface Revamp For Google Fiber TV

The subscribers of Google Fiber TV are getting an upgrade on their TV box. The network went live in 2012. Today, Google Fiber team announces that the Fiber TV interface  has been redesigned with a reorganized DVR and new recommendation functions. 

The revamped look shows movie thumbnails better which allows for casual browsing. A Smart Search feature also allows for searching by titles, actors, and other criteria. As a final touch to the overhaul, Fiber TV can now recommend TV shows and movies based on user preferences or the shows you often watch. 

Rotten Tomato ratings have also already been integrated with the program descriptions.

"There's much more to come," Product Manager Lawrence Kim said.

New Fiber TV Devices already comes with the new software.  "It will automatically be used to existing set-top boxes in coming weeks." added Kim. 

Earlier this year, Google Fiber added Google Cast to finer TV boxes. Google cast is the engine that drives Chromecast streaming adapter. It lets its users control OTT video to the TV by using tablets, Smartphones, and Chrome browsers on any computer. The customers can simply tap the "Cast" button from the app to link devices to the Fiber WiFi network.

Since Fiber TV comes with Google Cast Technology, no additional device or setup is needed.

Google Fiber is offering service in parts of Kansas City (Missouri and Kansas); Provo, Utah; Austin, Texas; Atlanta, Ga.; Charlotte; and Nashville, Tenn.

Roll outs are already being planned to San Antonio and San Francisco (currently offers to some houses and buldings). 

Further expansions are being considered in Los Angeles, San Diego, Irvine, San Jose, Louisville, Tampa, Jacksonville, Phoenix, Chicago, Dallas, and Portland (Oregon). 

According to the U.S. Copyright Office Data, Google Fiber ended with 68,715 video subscribers by second quarter of 2016. Google Fiber responds as "very pleased" with its 66.6% year-over-year TV growth. 

The company already started the service sign-up process this week in Morrisville, N.C.

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