Pokemon Go Update: Player Battle To Be Added Soon? Niantic Talks About The Future

Niantic Labs CEO, John Hanke, reveals his future plans with Pokemon Go during his recent interview. Hanke mentions several feature additions that is set to be added in the future. Recalling the promotional trailer released by the company over a year ago, the footage highlights several features like Trading, Player Battles and more. However, some of it are not available in the game as to date. Currently, during Hanke's interview, he confirmed that all information gathered from data mining are legit and to be implemented soon.

According to Otakukart, Niantic is now engaging the idea of adding the most anticipated 'Player Battle' feature. However, it was reported that they are not yet into development. This means that fans would not be able to see the most hyped feature to be added in the game anytime soon. Nonetheless, Hanke hinted that the most recent state of the game is just the bare minimum of what Niantic has envisioned moving forward. The CEO said that he and his team will be planning on adding some cool stuffs and features on the future updates.

Based on the reports from Game Rant, though the development is still uncertain, Niantic is not dropping the idea of adding the 'Player Battle' feature on the game. The developer assures that players will be able to battle each other directly soon. Just like the 'Trading' feature, trainer battles are also one of the main aspect of the franchise. Although Niantic has created a new twist on the formula of giving a player an opportunity to become a gym leader, nevertheless, Pokemon is not Pokemon without these trainer battles.

On other news, Pokemon Go numbers continue to drop since the game has not been progressing in terms of excitement and lack of features. However, with the previously reported 'Trading' feature to arrive soon and these recent reports about 'Player Battle,' Niantic might be able to regain its popularity.

More Pokemon Go news and updates coming soon. Stay tuned.


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