'No Man's Sky' New Game Patch: Bug Fixes On Frame Rates Addressed By Hello Games; How To Use Atlas Stones

Hello Games' brilliant and unique release "No Man's Sky" is looking further to enhance its gameplay with a new game patch.

The indie video game developer wants to correct "No Man's Sky" bad frame rate, which has been the growing concern expressed by players, according to Parent Herald.

Another important "No Man's Sky" update for the action-adventure survival video game is the rationale on those mysterious red gems known as Atlas Stones, which is a vital product as you navigate through various planets.

A notable pointer mentioned in the website stated that a player should hold back when it comes to using the said gems. It is advisable that one should get hold of at least 10 of the gems in advance. Such a task may be too demanding for some individuals, but great rewards will come to those who wait.

The collected gems will serve as the basis for your next journey in "No Man's Sky" as you will be presented with two important options: Will you continue delving further into other planets or will you create a new galaxy for yourself with the use of the Atlas Stones?

Choosing the latter will not just grant the player another galaxy,but also a new journey to go along with.

Fans will be happy to note that in their website, Hello Games is keen on filling in details on how they want to improve the usability or performance of "No Man's Sky."

Founders Sean Murray and Grant Duncan mentioned that for the past 2-3 weeks they have been busy with:

  • Finally, having their own support management team
  • Issues on support are catalogue in order to give resolution to the top most problems
  • New "No Man's Sky" patch for PC and for PS4, with both numbering to 4
  • The patches themselves also have their own written up patch notes

Last August, "No Man's Sky" ranked first in being the most downloadable title.

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