Director Cory Barlog On God Of War 4 Campaign Length: 'Hard To Know' Until Things Are Done

God of War 4 is definitely among the highly anticipated titles slated for release next year. Although Sony unveiled a demo of the upcoming game at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) back in June, the studio didn't opt to unveil its overall gameplay. Fast forward to today, however, fans learned about the various features the installment will offer. And as for the game's campaign length, here's what director Cory Barlog has to say.

Sony has really been passionate in not spoiling any further details about the upcoming God of War 4. Fortunately though, Barlog is quite generous in answering the community over Twitter. Just recently, a fan asked him if the game's campaign =- "minus collectibles" -- will only last for at least 20 hours. The title's creative director replied that it's "hard to know." Barlog promised, though, that the actual figure will be determined as soon as they're done.

While there's no absolute certainty of God of War 4 campaign length, most fans hope that it'll be lengthy. Meanwhile, there are fans who have been bugging Barlog about some insights on boss fights. Some mentioned about how cool it would be for Kratos to steal Thor's Mjolnir, while there are those who simply desire a fight against the Norse gods.

Sadly, Barlog didn't dare to answer the aforementioned questions about God of War 4. Nevertheless, as previously reported here at iTech Post, the game will offer a combat system that features Kratos and his son. And unlike the ones in the previous titles, it's going to be a "hellish experience" for the fans to enjoy.

God of War 4 is set to introduce the essence of teamwork as well as the importance of relationship. In fact, the developers have been very vocal about the game giving utmost focus on Kratos being a father. This is indeed a complete shift from the past three installments. The forthcoming game is slated to arrive come fall next year, but will only be made available for PlayStation 4.

What are your thoughts on God of War 4 and its campaign length? What other features are you hoping to see? Share us what your thoughts are at the comment section below!

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