'Metal Gear Survive' Demo, Release Date: First Post-Kojima Game Gets Livestream Footage At Konami Tokyo Show; Details, Price Here

It's official! Konami will finally give us a preview of "Metal Gear Survive" at its Tokyo Game Show.

The much-awaited first post-Kojima era Metal Gear installment will be aired via livestream on September 17 at 4 PM JST, which is around 12 AM PT, as reported by Games Radar.

In an official statement issued, Konami mentioned that the footage will "the first ever gameplay demo which will include brand new information about the upcoming title."

Konami's official YouTube page will make the "Metal Gear Survive" demo debut available.

"Metal Gear Survive" has set aside its previous video game mode and instead embraced co-op survival game set in an alternate universe. Its predecessor, the original Metal Gear Solid is often recognized as one of the key titles involved in popularizing the stealth game genre.

Taking after the departure of Big Boss and Kazuhira Miller from the blockaded Mother Base, a wormhole opens in the sky and retains the seaward plant to the rest of the MSF officers.

The desperate soldiers are transported to a parallel universe alongside the remaining parts of Mother Base, to locate the world brimming with unfriendly, crystalline zombie-like elements.

Konami has said "Metal Gear Survive" won't cost $60. Rather, it will be "close" of what "Ground Zeroes" was valued during dispatch, which was $30.

The multiplayer stealth game is coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC in 2017.

Kojima and Konami parted ways sometime in 2015.

Gossipy tidbits of Kojima's departure raised after Konami began expelling Kojima's name as a brand for a considerable lot of their discharged and up and coming items. One case of this can be seen at the "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain" page, as "A Hideo Kojima diversion" has been evacuated where it was once obviously unmistakable back in February, as reported in The New Yorker.

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