George Hotz's Builds Attachable Box That Can Make Any Car Autonomous

Autonomous driving may be the future of motor vehicles, but if so, it looks like a very expensive place to be. Fortunately though, there is a company that is making autonomous driving not only a real possibility for most drivers, but also a cheaper option.

The Comma One

During a conference in San Francisco founder George Hotz revealed the Comma One, which is a semi-autonomous driving device. The gadget, which has been in development for over a year, will be ready for purchase at the end of the year. And as Auto Blog notes, it will be availabe for only $999, or a $24/month subscription fee.

Why Is It So Cheap?

Reportedly, the Comma One's price is relatively low because of its off-the-shelf components. Furthermore, it is currently only compatible to either Honda or Acura motor units. Furthermore, these units need to already have lane-keeping assist.

How Does It Work?

The Comma One is meant to be attached to an existing vehicle. Theoretically, the device will give cars a quick autonomous makeover. It comes fit with a screen on its front and a pair of cameras on the back, but is only the size of a phablet or a standard navigation system.

Partnered with the car's radar sensors, the Comma One gets information and has the capability to react to different driving situations.

Hotz boasted that the system, in essence, has the same capacity as Tesla's own Autopilot system.'s Future Plans

Evidently, the company is focused on creating a commercial product as soon as possible, asnoted by Technology Review. After all, it was only earlier this year that even revealed its plans to unveil a semi-autonomous product.

As for its competition, Hotz is confident there actually is none. "If you're looking to Mobileye to build the software of the future-don't," he said.

Nevertheless, there is still plenty for the company to overcome. Even Tesla, who arguably has more knowledge on the subject of self-driving cars, has had safety issues thrown against it.

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