Tim Cook on AirPods: Don't Worry, Wireless Earphones Won't Fall Off

Apple's new wireless earphones, the AirPods, have been met with mixed reviews by users who worry that the tiny devices might fall off their ears while walking or working out. Apple CEO Tim Cook seeks to dispel those fears.

In an interview with ABC News' "Good Morning America," the silver-haired CEO of the world's most valuable company said that users can rest assure that the company's new wireless earphones will not fall out nor get lost easily. Cook testifies that he has road tested the earphones while running on a tread mill.

Fans who first saw the AirPods during the iPhone 7's launching shared on social media that removing the wires might not have been a good idea for the tiny devices might easily get misplaced.

The AirPods' white and rounded design reminds users of bluetooth ear pieces. However, such devices are used only in one ear and only when a person is making a phone call. Apple promises that the AirPods can sustain vigorous activity.

The chargeable earphones are Apple's first step in ushering its customers to a wireless world.

Techno Buffalo quoted the CEO's experience with the earphones:  "I've been wearing them for a while, and because they don't have wires on them... the wires tend to help the earbud fall out because it applies weight on those. By snipping the wires, I have never personally had one fall out."

A recent report from the New York Times said that the AirPods were compatible when used with the iPhone 7, but the experience was not perfect. The review stated that the wireless earphones "look odd" and sometimes still had bugs like when used to rewind short sections of music.

Still jury is still out on whether the AirPods would be a hit or a dud for Apple. Back in 2007, Nokia and Blackberry, the tech giants of the '90s, derided the iPhone as a one hit wonder that would eventually fade into oblivion. Fast forward many years later and consumers have seen who eventually has come out on top.

The wireless ear buds will hit stores in late October and will cost consumers $159.

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