Moana: The Newly Introduced Princess Of Disney

 Disney has already set a standard in releasing motion pictures the past decades. Some people may think that concepts are just recycled; but the company clearly proved that they are the leader of the pack.

The company introduced Moana, an addition to numerous princesses of Disney. Another tale unfolds that kids and young-at-heart would definitely fall in love with over and over again. Unlike other generic princess, Moana didn't wear a fancy gown in the trailer released. A strong woman ready to fight and sweat it out is what the character portrayed. The trailer depicted an independent woman; not the typic damsel in distress - someone who had the backbone.

According to Bustle, the movie would be shown in two-month time. The clip introduced two main characters, Moana and Maui, voiced by Auli'l Cravalho and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson; respectively. The preview clearly implies that the two is in the journey of saving something, and dependency on each other was sought.

Maui, as cited on the clip, is a demigod which led him to belittle Moana. But with the relationship Moana had with the ocean, seems like the little girl should never be looked down upon.

According to Marysue, the music that viewers are hearing came from the soundtrack of this movie by composter Lin-Manul Miranda. This made the movie more exciting and interesting as well.

For the record, Disney has been going out of its comfort zone when it comes to releasing animated films. It did not just stuck on princesses waiting for their prince charming to come and save them. It clearly shows that the company is after the lessons that the future viewers would get in the stories that they are producing. Clearly, the company strives to go for the bigger picture; and that it did with Moana

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