Iphone 7 Plus Versus Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

They say you can never compare apples with oranges. With mobile phone technology, this is often not the case. 

iPhone and Samsung has taken us to comforts and discoveries we never could've imagined possible with technology. 

To say the least, these two leading brands provide us every reason to appreciate its distinctive ingenuity and innovation one spec at a time. 


In total, iPhone 7 Plus is a bit taller and wider than S7 edge. It is also half a millimeter thinner.


Aside from being bigger, iPhone 7 Plus is heavier than S7 edge. iPhone 7 Plus weighs 188 g while S7 edge weighs 157 g. 


There is not much difference in build. The two phones are characteristically distinct as their brands would allow. iPhone 7 Plus has a characteristic aluminium body while the S7 edge has a curved glass (front and back).

Water Resistance

iPhone possesses an IP67 water resistance which means that it can survive immersion in water of up to one meter deep. More so, S7 edge has IP68 which means that it can survive immersions over one meter. 

Samsung added that S7 edge will be protected in immersion to even up to 5 feet of water for as long as 30 minutes. 

Headphone Jack

Apple has moved on from the use of headphone jacks with more inclination to the use of stereo speakers. iPhone 7 Plus however comes with lightning-port earbuds and an adapter that allows for an AUX-to-Lightning connection. 

S7 edge on the other hand maintained its headphone jack. 

Stereo Speakers

iPhone 7 Plus comes with an additional speaker. The stereo speaker makes iPhones sound twice as loud. 


iPhone 7 Plus comes in black, metallic black, silver, gold, and rose gold. S7 edge maintains imonochrome phones in silver, black, and gold. 

Display Size

iPhone 7 Plus has the same size as S7 edge despite being bigger and denser. The extra header and footer space for iPhone is used for the camera, home button hardware, and speaker. On the other hand, S7 edge has a higher ratio between its screen and surface size. 

Display Resolution

S7 edge has a pixel density that is 28 percent higher than iPhone 7. With the former at 401 ppi and the latter at 534 ppi.

Curved Display

As its name suggests, S7 edge boasts curve edges with glass fronts while iPhone 7 maintains its characteristic flat scree

Camera Megapixels

The rear-facing cameras of both phones are both at 12MP. iPhone 7 however has the advantage of sharper selfies with the front camera at 7MP.

Built-in storage

iPhone's built in storages are available at 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB. On the flipside, S7 edge can store  32GB, 64GB, and 128 GB.


iPhone 7 plus price starts at $769 while S7 edge is at $790, depending on the carrier. 

iPhone 7 Plus and S7 edge certainly have many points of comparison to consider. At many different levels, both boasts of equal advantages while at other few aspects, one has a distinct element that outshines the other.

The decision of every purchase however still depends upon the user's priority, preference, and lifestyle.

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