Users Of MacBook Pro Are Surveyed By Apple About Their Use Of Headphone

By Victor Thomson , Sep 16, 2016 03:00 AM EDT

Speculations claim that Apple is going to kill the headphone jack on its MacBook Pro laptop line, after Apple users have received a survey with questions on their habits regarding the use of headphones.

Apple's Survey On Use Of MacBook Pro Features

The Verge reports on Apple users posting on social media networks about the survey questions received from Apple. According to the publication, Apple is asking its customers on questions regarding the MacBook Pro's headphones use, as well as questions regarding the laptop battery life.

MacRumors also reports on the surveys sent out by Apple in recent weeks to users, asking about various features of the flagship laptop MacBook Pro and especially about the headphone jack. For instance, a survey question shared by MacRumors reader Blacke on Twitter asks the user if he ever use the headphone port on his MacBook Pro with Retina display laptop model.

There are also other reports on Twitter from Apple customers who have been asked questions about the headphone jack. This Apple survey supports the speculation that the company might explore the possibility to discontinue the headphone jack in a future version of its flagship laptop line, MacBook Pro.

The high-tech giant has already taken a similar measure in its flagship phone line, eliminating the headphone jack from the iPhone. This suggests that such a trend will also continue for other Apple products.

Other questions asked by Apple in its survey are about ports such as the SD card slot and the battery life. Apple customers have also shared these questions on their Twitter posts

Previous reports claim that the upcoming MacBook Pro will still come with a headphone jack and will also include four USB-C ports. However, all other ports will be discontinued on the flagship laptop. That means MacBook Pro 2016 will not include a USB-A port, HDMI port, an SD card slot or a MagSafe connection. 

It is expected that Apple will release MacBook Pro 2016 in October, with an OLED touch panel and a redesigned chassis.

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