Microsoft Edge Is Most Battery Efficient, Beating Chrome, Firefox And Opera

Over the years, Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser has been beaten black and blue by a plethora of memes and jokes disparaging the slow web browser as a scourge to humanity. Microsoft has remained silent and taken the blows, but finally the company is hitting back its critics. 

Microsoft Edge, the successor of the Internet Explorer, has recently beat incumbent web browser giants in battery consumption measurements, signaling perhaps the company's slow trudge to get back into the web browsing game.

The Windows company recently announced that its revamped web browser, Microsoft Edge, is the most battery-efficient browser on Windows 10. To back its claims, the company did a rerun of its battery tests done three months ago comparing Edge in terms of battery consumption to major browsers on the net.

The company even open-sourced its battery test on GitHub and released its full methodology so that others can duplicate and verify their results. Last June, Microsoft also replicated Google's battery test to prove once and for all that Edge provides longer battery life than Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

According to the WindowsBlog, the comparative test results showed that Microsoft Edge is 24 to 43 percent more efficient than its rivals for general web reading, and lasting up to 23 to 69 percent longer when watching videos.

Venturebeat reported that Google released the latest iteration of its web browser Chrome 53. A week later the Android company compared the battery consumption performance of Chrome 53 to 46 stating that the latest version gives users more battery life.

However, Microsoft took this as an opening to launch an attack, stating that Google's battery test was invalid because it did not compare Chrome 53's performance with other browsers. Microsoft walked its talk and compared the Edge to existing browsers using various kinds of battery tests, including the one Google used to check the Chrome53, then made the results available to the public.

The results revealed that Microsoft Edge beats Chrome by more than an hour and outlasted by 62 percent -- more than five hours -- when compared with Firefox.

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