"Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past" Released

People have diverse ways of coping with stress. Playing video games is one of them. This keeps game developers grinding on producing games that are fun, engaging, and interactive all at the same time. In 1986, Dragon Quest has been an addiction in Japan but remained unpopular in some parts of the country for quite a long time. In contrast with the name of the game, the actual makers didn't want to forget any detail of it. So, that is how they came up with the idea of reviving it.

According to SMH, the publisher, Square Enix, is finding ways to reintroduce the game to make it known for those people who have missed out on this game before. Aussies are the target players of the supposed revival of Dragon Quest. The game was made enjoying for people who has phones and handheld gadgets. The game environment also adapted the modern times; removing some of the weird features before.

SMH also reiterated that the game was in 3D but the characters still remains the same which is in line with its designer, Akira Toriyama. Small details were given a focus this time, giving Dragon Quest a modern feeling.

The story of the game is about a group who discovered that the land that they have isn't the only one existing. The objective of the game was to go back in the past and restore the land to the present by overcoming disasters. The player will start as a son of a fisherman then this is where the quest begins. They will eventually go back to the past and solve tasks. The player will then purchase characters and items in the succeeding series.

Patience will be needed as some stories should be watched and understood by the players of the game. Some guidelines and basic things to know about the game are provided in this site.

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