Silver Creek High School Cancelled Classes After Receiving Threat

Silver Creek High Schiol, an institution in Longmont, cancelled classes last Friday after receiving rumored threats that fired up emotions within the academic area. The threat was not specified by the school though.

As reported by Timescall, the school, where 1,313 students are enrolled, faced a danger through a threatening message. The sender wasn't tracked yet because the message was sent through Safe2Tell, an anonymous messaging application.

Having received the threats, an e-mail was sent to the parents to notify them of the current situation.

According to 9news, parents of the students of Silver Creek began picking the students at 11 am. Guardians that fetched the students were required to bring an identification card with them while some students who drive their way to school should have the permission of their parents to be able to go in and out of the school premises.

Others who ride the bus home were not allowed to go out until verification has been done with parents or guardian. High police visibility added an extra later of protection for the students.

Some parents told authorities that the message was maybe sent by some kids at school, although the threat should never be taken for granted. Some parents also preferred not to pick up their kids at school because they felt more secure and confident knowing that the presence of police authorities make the school much safer. Some didn't get the chance to receive the notification of what is happening on the institution at that time.

The world is not always a safe haven and schools like Silver Creek High School realizes that now. Safety comes first in the list of priority of Silver Creek High School as with every school in the United States that believe institutions such as this should instill learning and not paralyzed by fear.

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