Are Tom Clancy's The Division Update 1.4 Changes Enough To Wow Fans?

Update 1.4 is definitely one of the highly anticipated updates for Tom Clancy's The Division. While it promises to fix and/or enhance the game, it can still be a make or break. Now that fans have a look-see at the forthcoming changes, it's safe to say that things are starting to look interesting. But really, is the said update enough to wow the fans? Well, it's worth investigating.

The recently concluded State of the Game has given Tom Clancy's The Division some insights on what Massive -- the game's developer -- is up to. In the past few weeks, everything about update 1.4 was completely vague. The community has no concrete idea as to what it's all about -- let alone the features it'll bring. Sure, there are speculations of sorts; however, they were all but such.

According to GameRant, Massive didn't entirely share everything about the upcoming Tom Clancy's The Division update. Instead, the studio chose to talk about the most controversial issues that continue to plague the title every now and then.

For instance, most Tom Clancy's The Division fans would agree that the enemies in the game are somewhat overpowered or something. The time needed for them to kill even a single enemy (in the endgame, of course) is just way too long. And the worst? Players tend to die incredibly fast. Fortunately, Massive is looking to rework everything about it, providing the community with a better gameplay experience.

Another major issue with Tom Clancy's The Division is the unpleasant loot system. Loots tend to drop like rares. Or perhaps, when they do, they're quite limited by the title's so-called RNG (also known as Random Number Generator) system. To pacify it, the developers promised to correct the aforesaid system's faults. As soon as update 1.4 arrives, they can now opt to select the kind of difficulty they want for their world. And, more importantly, these activities will be matched according to their preferred level.

In one way or another, the things that Massive discussed during the Tom Clancy's The Division State of the Game looks promising than ever. However, unless the update arrives, the overall change will never be felt. But still, there are some doubts of whatsoever, as the studio also did some changes (not necessarily the same) in the past. And unfortunately, the game is still exploited with bugs and issues. So will update 1.4, which is slated to arrive next month, wow fans? Only time can tell.

What are your thoughts on Tom Clancy's The Division upcoming update? Are you excited with the new features and/or improvements Massive promised? Share us your thoughts at the comment section below!

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