Harambe VS Capcom Is Now A Real Video Game For Free

Aside from the countless memes bursting all over the internet since the incident, Harambe becomes more memorialized in Harambe vs Capcom, an actual fighting game, adapted from Street Fighter or any Capcom fighting game. And you can download and play it for free!

Not only does it place the famous late gorilla - our thoughts are with you always, in a Street Fighter game, it also features a crossover story to complement its awesomeness, Kotaku reports.

What happened to Harambe?

Back in May 28, a boy - 3 years of age, fell into the trench of the 'Gorilla World' habitation in Cincinnati Zoo. Witnesses say they heard the child saying he wanted to go to the gorilla. The boy, presumably unattended, climbed the fence, crawled through bushes and then fell 15 feet into a moat of water. Officials immediately waved for the 3 gorillas in the said habitat to return inside an inner enclosure, 2 female gorillas complied but one of them, Harambe, didn't. Instead, the male silverback went on to investigate about the boy trapped in the moat.

In just 10 minutes, Harambe became disoriented and agitated because of the panic caused by onlookers, naturally people would. Harambe dragged the boy through water, making gesturers that blur the lines between taking care of the boy or doing harm if viewed from a distance. Unsure of the outcome, officials decided to put down the gorilla in favor of the child's safety with a single gunshot. The boy was between the gorilla's legs when the shot happened, killing Harambe one day short for his 17th birthday.

What's the storyline like?

A shadow agency wants to assassinate Harambe because of his psychic powers. Our hero gorilla has to find Ryu in order to get out of this mess. Apparently, Harambe's death (in the actual zoo incident) is just a decoy to buy more time.

It also features an awesome soundtrack with lyrics such as: 'dicks out for Harambe.' Welcome to 2016, this is our video game!

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