'Shin Godzilla' Stars Says They Want To Do 'Shin Godzilla 2'

Blockbuster Japanese film "Shin Godzilla" also known as "Godzilla: Resurgence" might have a sequel! On the screening of the film on Toho Cinemas Shinjuku theater last Thursday, the actors, together with director Hideaki Anno discussed the possibility of the monster movie's second installment. Who wants to see Shin Godzilla 2?

Answering the inquiry on "Shin Godzilla 2", actor Hiroki Hasegawa who plays Rando Yaguchi, a Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary who was the first to theorize the existence of monster Godzilla says he would like to star in the sequel.

"I'd want to do [a sequel]. I went to see the movie two times. Watching it with the audience was the only time I felt that the movie was really done. There was such a sense of unity that I didn't feel it was me acting on the screen, and that was really fun," Hasegawa said to Anime News Network.

Likewise other members of the cast also expressed their interest on making "Shin Godzilla 2". "I'd want to do a sequel. I want to see it," Satoru Matsuo replied.

However, "Shin Godzilla" director Hideaki Anno says it is not for him to decide about the movie's part two.

"It's not for me to decide. Ask Toho," he said. "As for me, I'm good. It'd be more interesting if they changed directors. Toho won't let me do it. There'd be a lot of difficulties," he added.

The Godzilla reboot has already surpassed Gareth Edwards' "Godzilla"  which earned $31.6 million in 2014. "Shin Godzilla" has reportedly  earned $64.30 million as of September 12 in Japan and will also be screened in 440 theaters in US and Canada this October.

Toho has also announced a feature-length animation titled "Godzilla," will be released next year following Shin Godzilla's success.

"We're aiming to make a big-scale animation entertainment that people who love Godzilla and people who know nothing about him can both enjoy,"producer  Kobun Shizuno said in a statement according to Variety.

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