'Bioshock: The Collection' Review: Game Suffered Similar Bugs From The Original Game?

Since BioShock was released back in 2007, it was highly praised by the gaming community which left a solid reputation up until this day. The latter then received two follow-up titles but was not able to match the hype of the original game. It was reported that fans were tired of the repeated mechanics and the 'not-so' interesting plot. Currently, it seems like a great time to revisit this once called 'masterpiece' running on these modern day consoles which was expected to have an improved overall gaming experience.

According to VG247, BioShock: The Collection had just recently arrived this week which includes all remastered versions from the previous BioShock titles namely BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock: Infinite. However, it seems like Rapture is not the only one to make a comeback as it was confirmed that the bugs from the original game are still present on the current BioShock remastered version. These bugs are identified as lack of options for 5.1 surround, mouse smoothing issues, audio issues and more. Based on the reports, players are not surprise that these bugs will penetrate on the remastered version. As a result, the game received a 50-50 positive-negative review ratio on Steam.

Pushsquare reported that all titles will run at 1080p and will include all additional content except BioShock 2's multiplayer. The report reiterates that these remastered versions are just merely a boost on the resolution and no further tweaks on the gameplay. Though the game suffered from technicalities, it is reported that it can be patched up in the future. BioShock 2, on the other hand, benefited mostly on these visual upgrades coming off with a more detailed and vibrant art design.

In conclusion, the overall experience of BioShock: The Collection is way above satisfactory level. Despite having a slight hitch on the first game, the other two titles were performing well and gave a lot of excitement as it progressed. However, the veteran players of the franchise might not catch something interesting aside from the visual upgrade. Nonetheless, it is still worth a shot to experience the older games running on a modern technology.

BioShock: The Collection is now available on both Xbox One and PS4. Meanwhile check out the full review on each of the remastered title here:


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