'Blair Witch' Movie Disappointing? Not As Scary As The Original

"Blair Witch," a direct sequel of the 1999 horror film "The Blair Witch Project" which grabbed almost $250 million at the box office from a surprisingly low budget of $60,000, has made its debut in the US theaters this September 16. Let's take a review of fan reactions and what critics say about the film.

While fans are saying that "Blair Witch" is less scary than the first movie, other reviews say that it is indeed very disappointing. Aside from bad acting, Vox says that the directors were very successful in making the protagonists look stupid. The narrative is also inconsistent and confusing.

With regards to the audio glitches, muffled camera sounds and other effects seem to be very fake like they were forcefully inserted to the videos.

Wall Street Journal, on the other hand, reported that the film has gained mixed reviews from known critics. Some says the film was dull and boring:

  • Leslie Felperin of Hollywood Reporter: "By sticking so slavishly to the original 'Blair Witch' film's template, the result is a dull retread rather than a full-on reinvention, enlarging the cast numbers this time but sticking to the same basic beats." said 
  • Rene Rodriguez of Miami Herald "At least a third of 'Blair Witch' consists of people running through the woods with flashlights, shouting out each other's names. A little of this goes a long way."

On the other hand, other critics says they were satisfied with the sequel:

  • Bill Zwecker of Chicago Sun-Times: "All in all, 'Blair Witch' was quite satisfying and made me think: This is what the first sequel to the original film should have accomplished." 
  • Jen Yamato of The Daily Beast: "'Blair Witch' diehards should rejoice, not the least because this new offering pays meticulous homage to the original-particularly through painstakingly recreated production design." 

The psychological horror movie is directed by Adam Wingard and stars James Allen McCune, Callie Hernandez, Brandon Scott, Corbin Reid, Wes Robinson and Valorie Curry. "Blair Witch" features a group of students who went to explore the Black Hills Forest in Maryland with the goal of uncovering  the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of one of the character's sister.

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