Lunar Eclipse Spotted Before The Phenomenal Harvest Moon

Last Friday, Sept. 16, a penumbral eclipse was in view. It was very visible in Asia and Europe but people in America just missed a wonderful sight. Others even captured the sightings of lunar eclipse but this is expected to be witnessed again. The moon was red and slightly orange during this event. In London, the eclipse appeared at 6:00 PM while in Sydney the moon's activity came to sight at 3:00 AM. The eclipse lasted only for four hours.

Every year, there is a moon phase called harvest moon. This happening is called the Supermoon. Same as last year, supermoon was in view. On Friday, a full moon will come into view at the sky together with a lunar eclipse at 1:35 PM Eastern time. But the moon will be a little bit darker because of the lunar eclipse. The moon will be full at 3:05 PMt. Of course, the time will vary depending where you are at that time and day.

Former NASA astrophysicist Fred Espenak and astrologer Richard Nolle have different lists of supermoon this year. Espenak's list includes the upcoming supermoon on Sept. 22 while Nolle's list begs to differ. For Nolle, supermoon is either a full or new moon especially when it's closest to Earth. Espenak wants to give everyone a heads up about the 'correct' time of the eclipse. Espenak said that eclipse will start at exactly 12:54 PM Eastern Time and ends at 4:54 PM.

Who knew that lunar eclipse has a family? The expected lunar eclipse belongs to Saros 147. Saros 147 is fairly young dated on 1890. Friday's eclipse will be the eighth on the list of 70 eclipses. According to Espenak, this will be the last penumbral eclipse and the next one will be on June 6, 2449. Every person on earth present on this spectacular happening will be dead the next time it appears.

Whether last week was the last lunar eclipse or there will be another one, expect the beauty of astrological elements beyond within our planet.

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