Apple Watch Series 2 Released: Test Results Confirm Waterproofing Features

After the release of the iPhone 7 earlier this month, the Apple Watch Series 2 hit stores Friday, Sept. 16, and reports say Apple has nailed it as test results on the gadget concluded enthusiasts have been satisfied.

Apple released its newest smartwatch Friday, and the Series 2 came out with a big, water-resistant build. Tests were done as soon as the watch came out, putting three watches under a dunk test, and results prove units are working according to specs.

ConsumerReports marked the test successful and all three units are well-functioning. "The Series 2 watches - one with an aluminum body and the other with a stainless steel body-are supposed to withstand immersion in 50 meters of water for 10 minutes. The specification for the aluminum Series 1 watch calls for it to survive 30 minutes at the depth of 1 meter," reads the report.

Results have proven all three watches are still functioning but are yet to be observed under a 24-hour clock time before a conclusion will be released that the Apple Watch Series 2 passed the tests, confirming its earlier claims that water is no longer its enemy, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Other tests were done checking on other functions of the Apple Watch Series 2 like the heart-rate monitors, step tracking features, and readability, and other features like its watchface glass strength.

The test has concluded the heart rate monitors and step tracking features are working perfectly and are as reliable as the first Apple Watch's functions. Although the screen readability was said to be the same and has not improved a bit in bright light, the watches are still seen easy to read under the sunlight.

A final test on the watchglass surface was done and the scratch test showed the Ion-X glass used on the aluminum watches are scrape-resistant but are vulnerable to a Level 8 pick on the Mohs Hardness Scale, a surface that is as hard as a masonry drill bit. On the other hand, the Sapphire glass used on the stainless steel unit surpassed a Level 9 pick, making it as hard as a diamond.

Looking at more highlights of the Apple Watch Series 2, its biggest new feature is said to be its built-in GPS chip that allows a more advanced tracking.

Moreover, the Series 2 Watch is reported to focus less on productivity and communication tools and now putting its energy on physical activity. The Series 2 has updated its operating system - watchOS 3 - which will now allow the user to share workout data with others. It is even said to grant app developers access to the device's heart-rate monitor and gyroscope.

More reviews and tests are now out, showing how the new Apple Watch Series 2 works.

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