Zika Infected People In Miami Increase; Miami Beach Declared As Zika Zone

Miami, Florida has become an increasingly highly Zika-affected area in the United States, recent reports say.

Governor Rick Scott has taken a massive action in order to control the outbreak of Zika in the city. As soon as another patient is positive with the virus, he is taken to a confinement area called the "Zika Zone" with the help of Florida Health Department and Mayor Philip Levine. Florida government is planning to expand the zone after the additional five cases, Miami Herald reports.

"We have a serious problem," Levine said. "Once again, we must take all reasonable and safe action to eliminate this. This is a problem." In addition to the isolation area, the Floridians are encouraged to use mosquito repellants in order to avoid getting contaminated.

With the sudden tripled number of victims, those who are Zika-free became outrageous. They requested for aerial spray from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention which declined at first but later on granted their request, making the Floridians angry.

Sadie Kaplan, a fitness trainer, said, "Pick a side. Don't flip-flop," referring to the officers on changing their minds about the aerial spray. The residents felt that the health officers are not serious about solving the problem with Zika. Another department took a step in helping to ease the problem, which is the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA. They've been spraying insecticide that Miami has been using since the 1950s. EPA is trying to control the worries of Floridians about inhaling poisonous chemicals from pesticides.

While the local government is continuing to stop the spread of Zika, 93 people are locally infected with Zika while 10 living outside the state acquired the virus in Miami. Levine was notified by the officials of Miami-Dade about the new Zika patient from the 28th Street. Reports say that Governor Scott is still asking the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for a lot of medical attention for the Floridians. In an interview, Scott stated that the first Zika patient was diagnosed last July and ever since it has continued to fluctuate. Funds are being released by the government with a total of $36.2 million.

Despite the preventions they undertook, Zika still seems uncontrollable in the affected areas.

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