Leonardo DiCaprio Announces Alarming News: Oceans On The Way To Destruction

Hollywood icon and environment activist Leonardo DiCaprio took a break last week from his busy schedule to address the environmental problems regarding oceans the world is currently facing but continues to ignore. Present at the same event was Secretary John F. Kerry.

In his speech during the State Department's Ocean Conference, he highlighted the need for people to care for the oceans. He implored, "They are ... pushing our oceans to the very brink. Treating our oceans as an endless resource and a dumping ground for our waste." DiCaprio believes that helping each other is the key to the protection and salvation of our ecosystem.The activist made sure his plea will be heard

DiCaprio also discussed a free online tool to track global fishing. He elaborated the idea by instructing the people to check Global Fishing Watch out. Oceana, the advocacy group, created Global Fishing Watch. An application which is available on GlobalFishingWatch.org. that encourages people all over the world to monitor the status of commercial fishing in the ocean.

The application targets to solve the problem of  losing at least 35 percent of wild marine catch with the total of $ 23.5 billion dollars per year, according to the UN Food and Agricultural Organization. DiCaprio and the Oceana aims to figure out where are the resources going.

With the help of John Amos, president and founder of SkyTruth and one of the partners of Oceana, the application uses the satellite technology for the opportunity of monitoring how fishing around the globe is executed.

To help solve with the problems of the ocean, President Barack Obama built a new marine national monument all throughout the coast of New England. DiCaprio praised Obama for helping the ocean activists in protecting natural resources. DiCaprio is expected to continue to spread his advocacy on saving Earth.

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