Google Chrome Beta For Android Introduces Background YouTube Video Playback Feature

Google Chrome beta for Android allows now users to play YouTube videos in the background.

YouTube Videos In The Background

According to Tech Times, Google released just a few days ago the version 53 of its Chrome browser just for Windows, Mac and Linux. For mobile users on Android, Google has now rolled out the Google Chrome Beta for Android version 54.

Google introduced a several useful updates to Chrome Beta with version 54. Among the new features introduced by the new version are included a redesigned new tab page and background video playback.

According to UberGizmo, users of Chrome for Android will be soon able to continue listening to audio from a video playing in background, even if they switched apps. Until now, if the users of Google Chrome for Android would currently switch apps from YouTube, then the video stops playing and so does the audio.

For now, Google has introduced the new feature in its Chrome for Android beta version. Even if users switch to an entirely different app, they are now capable of keep listening to the audio from a video playing in YouTube.

Google has released the Chrome version 54 for Android in beta with the capability of playing YouTube videos in the background. Once the users switch to another app while the YouTube video is still playing, they will receive a notification featuring play and pause controls for the audio. This way, users of Chrome for Android will be able to control this basic feature no matter what application they are in.

The ability to play videos in the background used to be native to a paid subscription service called the YouTube Red. This means that there is still a chance that Google might remove this feature once the final version 54 of Chrome for Android will be released.

It is still unknown when Google will finally finish this version of Chrome and launch it on the market for the general public. However, it is easy to get access to the beta version. The Chrome version 54 for Android beta is available for free download from Google Play Store.

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