MSI, Gigabyte Motherboards Get Killer E2500 NIC; Optimizes Bandwidth Control

The Killer NIC has been a feature for MSI and Gigabyte gaming motherboards for some time now. This NIC from Rivet Networks allows gamers to control bandwidth so as to prioritize data flow for games, which should have them connect faster to gaming servers. Now a new NIC would be coming in the Killer E2500 for MSI and Gigabyte motherboards.

The Killer E2500 would be almost identical to the Killer E2400 in its features, Tom's Hardware notes. One feature that it will have would be Advance Stream Detect 2.0. This is said to improve network performance while gaming, as Rivet Networks claims. This is in line with a new feature, the Killer Control Center.

The features on the Killer E2500 allow gamers to prioritize bandwidth for their games. Gamers can allocate how much bandwidth each game and programs they have on their PC as well as how much bandwidth to allocate for sites they visit. This amount of control given to gamers helps in giving gamers better connection times especially for multiplayer games.

Legit Reviews says that with the Killer E2500, gamers would have a better out of the box experience while at the same time also allow them to adjust settings according to their preferences.

Not only does the Killer E2500 allow gamers to control wired network but would also allow them to control wireless network as well with the Killer Wireless-AC Adapter. Another feature which would be of great help for gamers would be the Killer DoubleShot Pro, wherein players can choose which network connection would be faster.

Both Gigabyte and MSI note of the long partnerships they have with Rivet Networks for their gaming motherboards. Henry Kao, Vice-President of Gigabyte Motherboard Business Unit notes that the new Killer NIC gives gamers using Gigabyte motherboards more control over their network bandwidth.

Ted Hung, Director for Desktop Sales and Marketing for MSI also share the same sentiment, saying that MSI and Rivet Networks have had a long partnership to give gamers with that competitive edge. Michael Cubbage, CEO of Rivet Networks says that the Killer E2500 has the fastest and most cutting-edge technology to give gamers the fastest and most enjoyable online experience.

MSI's new products, the coming Z170A Gaming M6 and a new Aegis Ti gaming PC will be some of the first that will feature the Killer E2500 NIC. The Killer E2500 NIC would be available for MSI and Gigabyte motherboards by the end of the year.

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