GM Challenges Tesla With Chevy Bolt; All The Model 3’s Features Plus More

Tesla has been advocating and releasing electric cars for years. Other manufacturers have not produced as much electric car models, though that might soon change with GM's coming Chevy Bolt.

The Chevy Bolt has features that could rival Tesla's electric cars. Phys Org notes that the Chevy Bolt is much cheaper as the Tesla Model S can go up to 210 miles on a single charge. However it also costs $28,500 more than the Chevy Bolt. By comparison, the Chevy Bolt will sell $37,500. And that's even before a federal electric tax credit which would be $7,500.

The Chevy Bolt could go up to 238 miles, or 383 kilometers on a single charge. That would be more than the range of the Tesla Model S. The Chevy Bolt would also be out earlier than the coming Tesla Model 3.

The Model 3 is designed to be the first mass-market electric car for Tesla, a claim that would be challenged by the Chevy Bolt. The Tesla Model 3 might come out either at the end of 2017 or early 2018. The Chevy Bolt meanwhile would already be available in just a few months' time.

In terms of acceleration, the two cars are almost equal. The Chevy Bolt can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 7 seconds, while the Tesla Model 3 is a little bit faster with just 6 seconds to achieve that, as Business Insider makes the comparison. The Tesla Model 3 though looks more like a proper car, while the Chevy Bolt might appeal more for those who want an electric car that has a min-SUV look.

The Chevy Bolt is different from the GM Volt, as the Consumerist states. The Chevy Bolt is an all-electric car while the GM Volt is a gas-hybrid vehicle that has a shorter-ranged battery. The Chevy Volt then might be a good alternative for those who would want an electric car and can't wait for the Tesla Model 3.

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