Digital Homicide Games Developer And Steam Users Fight Legal Battle

After filing a lawsuit against Steam users, now Digital Homicide is seeking legal representation against the owner of the Steam download platform, the company Valve.

 Digital Homicide vs. Valve

Destructoid reports that after being removed from Steam as consequence of filling a lawsuit against 100 Steam users, it seems like now the game developer Digital Homicide is ready to fight a legal battle with Valve. Despite standing for himself in the Jim Sterling lawsuit, James Romine claims in a post from their official website to be seeking legal representation against Valve.

Their main point of contention between the two companies seems to be the claimed underperformance of Steam's support. This new issue comes just after the conflict with Jim Sterling that was explained in a podcast interview. According to Kotaku, among allegations in Digital Homicide's lawsuit against anonymous Steam users are included criminal impersonation, harassment, stalking, tortious interference, being mean and more.

According to Network World, after the game developer Digital Homicide had filed a lawsuit to sue and unmask 100 anonymous Steam users, Valve removed Digital Homicide's games. The reason invoked by Valve to explain their mode is that Digital Homicide game developer is "being hostile to Steam customers."

According to the explanation provided by game developer Digital Homicide on a document published on the website,100 Steam users were suited for $18 million because the negative review of a company's game has been interpreted as harassment. An Arizona judge granted a subpoena to Digital Homicide, allowing the company to obtain the personal "identification and associated data" of 100 anonymous Steam users after James Romine filed a lawsuit that alleges that the Steam group of created a "hate and harassment group, Digital Homicides Poop Games."

According to Yahoo News, the group of Steam users actually has claimed that the game developer Digital Homicide spams massive volumes of games to Steam Greenlight. After the developer released 11 games in just one day once in the past, Steam Greenlight removed its submissions.

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