'Persona 5' Latest News: Initial Japanese Release Reels In 70% Market; Game Spoilers Already Banned in Malaysia?

"Persona 5" which was recently released first in the Japanese market carved a huge niche in its sell-through rate.

Atlus' September 2016 initial availability for the RPG game, garnered a 70% first day sale from the percentage of the retailing taken from the original "Persona 5" delivery to the market, according to Persona Central.

This tracking list means that Atlus' projection of achievable sales income, which it has based on historical sales data and analysis of market surveys and trends are similar to the real number of sales for the game's initial week in the market stands.

It has also been mentioned in the site, that video game developer Sega is having a guesswork of almost 500K physical "Persona 5" copies to be bought just for this month.

The Persona series has retailed a total of six million copies worldwide, according to a financial report from Sega.

The report reads as:

"In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2016, the Group will launch new titles mainly for the Group's mainstay IP including 'Persona5' which will be the latest title from the Persona series, boasting over 6 million total copies sold along with implementing transitions of IP for packaged games such as 'Total War' series into digital games mainly in overseas."

Persona Series Previous Sales

[PS1] Persona {1996.09.20} - 201,147 / 391,556

[PS2] Persona 4 {2008.07.10} - 211,967 / 294,214

[PS1] Persona 2: Innocent Sin {1999.06.24} - 170,577 / 274,798

[PS2] Persona 3 {2006.07.13} - 127,472 / 210,319

[PS1] Persona 2: Eternal Punishment {2000.06.29} - 119,484 / 200,103

Persona has gradually crept its approach to prominence beginning with other installments in the series like Persona 3 and Persona 4 on the PlayStation 2.

"Persona 3" was later moved to the PlayStation Portable with by "Persona 4: Golden" on the PlayStation Vita. "Persona" likewise got a twist off battling play called "Persona 4: Arena."

The most recent section in the arrangement has now dispatched 280 thousand duplicates over the PS3 and Xbox 360.

In related news, a post from Reddit, has mentioned that "Persona 5" spoilers released in Malaysia will immediately be taken down. Just as other spoiler footages from other countries due to the separate dates made available.

Atlus itself has pleaded to fans, especially from Japan to cease in organizing such unlawful activities.

An actual validation for all of these numbers will be made available sometime next week via iTechpost, so stay tuned.

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