'Grand Theft Auto V' Latest News: Recent Update On Rockstar Games' Mod is a Stunning Discovery

A revamped version of "Grand Theft Auto V" made its way recently and it was a promising discovery for an additional gameplay for fans of the Rockstar Games release, as reported in PC Gamer.

Its advent would mean certain potentials for the Rockstar Games video not just in the armory and weapons department, but as well as variations in lightning, physics, along with the weather conditions in the fictional city of Los Santos (which was founded entirely with Los Angeles in mind by the publisher).

The GTA V Redux has met a lot of delays, including a hacking problem, but the much-anticipated refurbishment of the 2013 release has never dwindled in the gaming community.

Much effort was put work for the grounds of improving "Grand Theft Auto V," with finer textures in its fire and particle effects plus great modifications of the weapons systems as mentioned.

More than 12 components of ReShade options have been made available for Grand Theft Auto 5 which covers the lighting, weather, shadows, clouds,character charisma, law enforcement alertness, and even the in-game sunsets.

You can check out the more than six-minute trailer of "Grand Theft Auto V" below:

This GTA V mod was crafted by rabid fan Josh Romito  and the process of downloading data will require about 4 GB. The builder, however, has promised that more updates are to be expected.

Nonetheless, the project has been met with a major setback as Romito explains in the "GTA V" website.

"I personally would like to apologise to anyone who came to the site on September 16th, and experienced a broken page. We had some un-expected errors when launch day came, regarding a new server upgrade. Good new is, everything is back up and running now!"

Romito also stated that he hopes everyone will cherish the moment when  "GTA V Redux" is finally made available and he enjoyed making the mod a lot.

If you will scroll down the site an enormous amount of clamoring from fans can be read.

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