'Hunter X Hunter' Mobile Game To Be Launched Amid Manga Hiatus

Fans of the hit manga/anime series "Hunter X Hunter" are in for a treat as reports say Yoshihiro Togashi's creation will have its new smartphone game.

Citing the 42nd issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, the Anime News Network reported that famous manga "Hunter X Hunter" will get a new smartphone game. The announcement was made Saturday.

"Hunter X Hunter," a manga famous both in and outside of Japan, was made by Togashi and has been serialized in Weekly Shonen since March 1998.

The manga has been made into an anime and has had several OVAs.

Bandai Namco, the maker of smash hits "Tekken," "Dark Souls" and "Dragonball Xenoverse," is responsible for the new smartphone game which the makers called "Hunter X Hunter: World Hunt."

According to reports, "Hunter X Hunter: World Hunt" will be free to play, meaning the game would be available for download in Google Play Store and the Apple store without any payment.

However, much like any other smartphone game there would be in-game item purchases which players can opt to buy or not.

Bandai Namco opened a teaser on its website to show fans how the game would look like.

The game will feature guilds of up to 13 characters that can all fight simultaneously in real time.

The game will ask smartphone players to choose an avatar to around the game.

Players will also have to answer a two-choice quiz and do a water divination test to determine their base Nen power.

"Hunter X Hunter: World Hunt" is not the first of its kind. Back in 2014, Bandai Namco released the "Hunter X Hunter: Battle All Stars" which was also a smartphone game.

The new game is a welcome respite for fans of the series.

Movieguide reported back in July that Togashi, who has been working on the series for decades, declared the series would be on an indefinite hiatus.

The manga just recently resumed in April after a long two-year break which for manga fans seems to be an eternity.

"Hunter X Hunter: World Hunt" would be able to help fans endure the long wait until their beloved series comes back to life.

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