Surface Phone And iPhone 8's Fingerprint Scanners Embedded In Display

According to different sources, the Surface Phone is bound to replace the Lumia smartphone series and it could launch as early as October this year. However, a Spring 2017 release is also a possibility. Official information about the device is still scarce, but according to the most recent rumor, the Surface Phone could come with a special kind of fingerprint detector. However, this could also be the exact same thing that the upcoming iPhone 8 is coming with.

Surface Phone Latest News

According to a Tech Radar report, a recently spotted patent strongly suggests that the Surface Phone would come with a fingerprint scanner that is embedded in the display. This should be a relatively groundbreaking development for Microsoft especially now that the fingerprint scanning technology has become mainstream. Gone are the days when only expensive phones come with such a feature. Now, even midrange smartphones are able to include a fingerprint scanning feature in the devices.

On-Screen Fingerprint Scanning Technology

Now that fingerprint scanners are no longer big news, smartphone brands are aiming for a much more high-tech identity scanning features. The iris scanners have already been introduced which is probably why Microsoft is rumored to develop an on screen fingerprint scanner. However, basing on recent reports, it looks like Microsoft won't be the only one embracing this feature.

Surface Phone vs iPhone 8

Apparently, Apple is also set to do the same with the next iPhone. According to rumors, the iPhone 8 will carry an all glass body, with the physical home button completely removed. If true, then the two tech giants are expected to meet head to head once again in the battle of the most high-tech smartphone

However, the iPhone 8 could come with a curved screen variant, which is unlikely to happen in any of the Surface Phone variants. As per collective news and rumors, the Surface Phone is most likely focusing on its powerhouse specs. The iPhone 8 on the other hand, might not forego its looks especially since the device will probably be released on the iPhone's 10th anniversary.

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