Wiz Khalifa Turns Eerie 'Stranger Things' Theme Song To Hip Hop

"Stranger Things'"  eerie synth-driven music in Hip Hop style? Nobody would imagine it's possible until Wiz Khalifa dropped his newest song also titled "Stranger Things." The song features rapper J.R. Donato as guest and the cover art pictures of the two riding bicycles in the woods just like the characters in "Stranger Things."

The song was produced by E. Dan, Big Jerm and Sayez, reported Rolling Stone and uses the creepy vibe of the song originally written by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of electronic group Survive.

The song started with very personal lyrics about Wiz Khalifa's career in the music industry:

"Wake up and bake/ Never hate, gotta get to this cake/ I never stress but this money I stake/ I brush my teeth, pray, wash my face/ And thank God I stay far away from the fakes/ Remember days wasn't safe/ Now we got thousands tucked in the safe, " the song says.

Then the chorus shows possible metaphor between the success of "Stranger Things" and Wiz Khalifa's successful career, and repeats the word "stranger."

"It's like I'm talking to a stranger/ A stranger, a stranger, a stranger/ Now everybody getting stranger/ They're stranger, they're stranger, they're stranger/ I think I'm in danger, gotta wake my game up/ Gotta stay the same, watching everybody change/ Ah now they're getting stranger/ They're stranger, they're stranger, they're stranger"

Wiz Khalifa just finished his High Road tour with Snoop Dogg and his new song is the second "Stranger Things" tribute following the spooky cover of the show's theme song released by German electronic pioneers Tangerine Dream last week. 

On the other hand, "Stranger Things" Season 2 has  recently released a mash-up song with mystery series "Twin Peaks," titles "Stranger Peaks" as recently reported here on Itechpost. "Stranger Things" will be back on Netflix next year.  

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