'Arrow' Season 5 Updates: New Extended Trailer Released; More Heroes And Villains Arriving In The Series

"Arrow" season five premiere is getting close and just recently, a new and extended trailer has just been released just to ignite the fire burning in the minds of  anticipating fans.

"Arrow" Season Five To Welcome New Trainees To Team Arrow To Save Star City

It can be recalled that in the previous promos released for the upcoming season five of "Arrow," Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) will lose his team Arrow, including his sister Thea and his bestfriend, Diggle. The only one who remains is his now ex-girlfriend, Felicity.

Even though it didn't work out between Oliver and Felicity in the previous season, she has remained his friend and stuck by his side as he continues to be the city's vigilante at night while running Star City as the mayor during the day. Oliver will have to find and train new people to be his ally as he saves the city from the villains.

New Extended Trailer For "Arrow" Season Five Features More Villains And More Allies Of Oliver Queen In Team Arrow

The newest and biggest villain in the upcoming season five of "Arrow" is Tobias Church, who goes way back to Oliver's time in Russia before he returned home five years ago. The new extended trailer features more villains that Oliver will encounter with his new team of trainees, while Thea and Diggle still seem to be on hand in helping him, even being out of Team Arrow already.

According to reports, Oliver is no longer just a vigilante but a mentor and teacher to those young people who are dedicated to save Star City just as much as he does in the upcoming season five of "Arrow." Among the new trainees is Curtis Holt, who has been introduced in the previous season as someone who is good with computers. Now, he will be trained to defend their beloved city out into the real and cruel world.

"Arrow" Season 5 To Premiere In CW This October

Curtis is just one of the many others that will be trained by Oliver, although based on his character, it is something he is not happy about from the start. However, they may seem to be of help to him and his mission in the series.

"Arrow" season five will premiere on October 5 in CW.

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