Cows’ Flatulence, Methane And Carbon Gases Are Sources Of Pollution In California

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill on regulating the greenhouse gas related to emission of cow's gas and landfill emissions. It's not a joke but the question is, how can you monitor a cow's flatulence?

The target of the law is to reduce gas emissions that are harmful in the air. Methane and carbon gasses have very big impact on climate change and especially now that California is experiencing drought. Brown signed the law to stop the chemicals that can aggravate their current situation.

If this law is implemented and strictly followed, the effect of greenhouse gases on climate change will be cut into 50 percent. The Air Resources Board has until Jan. 1, 2018 to establish and meet their goals in the reduction of the dangerous gases.

Environmentalists hope that focusing on short-lived gases will be a bigger solution to a long-term problem not only in California but also the whole world.

The strategy of the board is to promote composting of the cows' manure for lesser methane emission. Of course, there are some farmers who are disagreeing with the new law. How can someone control the release of cows' gases?

Tom Mendes, a land owner who just sold his 500-acre dairy farm said that the new law is a hindrance for the small-time farmers in the business. But whatever other people are saying, the government is starting the change.

What comes out of the factories enters the lungs of the citizens which is the primary concern of Brown. It would also require the state's dairy industry, which produces 20 percent of the country's milk, to find a way to reduce methane produced by cow flatulence and manure. The law also requires the reduction of hydrofluorocarbons present in air-conditioning system and aerosol products.  

"We're protecting people's lungs, their health by cutting out a poisonous chemical that comes out of diesel trucks," Brown said at a signing ceremony in the Los Angeles suburb of Long Beach. Long Beach has truck ports that emit particulate matters such as black carbon gas that can cause asthma and other lung problems around the area.

The main concern of this law is to protect the health of everybody and not the businessmen who are concerned in their profits.

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