Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention Is Just Within Your Reach

The truth is there is no way to stop Alzheimer's and any neurodegenerative disease but you can prevent it. Alzheimer's disease is a devastating brain disorder. It is the most common form of dementia. Alzheimer's is a non-age type of disease.

"These findings are promising, and suggest that identifying and reducing risk factors for Alzheimer's and other dementias may be effective," Keith Fargo, scientific director at the American Alzheimer's Association said in an interview.

The most alarming aspect of Alzheimer's is the symptoms. First is being forgetful and it is very common. Second is forgetting about almost everything. The medical field is struggling in discovering the source of Alzheimer's.

"Alzheimer's is a type of dementia, and it usually hits when one is around 60-65. If you have a family history then early lifestyle changes, at age 30-40, can delay its outset or even stop it," said Mumbai-based mental health expert Pradeep Mahajan.

A 2015 study of 923 subjects between ages 58 and 98 found that the subjects who followed a diet that was rich  -- pertaining to green leafy vegetables, berries, fish, whole grains, and olive oil -- and also low in red,  meats, cheese, butter, and fast food -- had lower rates of developing Alzheimer's.

Due to this diet, the patients of Alzheimer's disease live a lot longer.

Increase intake of ginger, dark berries and olive oil helps protect and preserve the glial cells of the brain. Glial cells are responsible for a healthy peripheral and central nervous system. They act as street sweepers of damaged cells.

Second, drinking green tea acts as neuroprotective agent because phytochemicals.

Eating foods rich in omega-3 such as salmon and trout, acts as memory enhancer and cognitive function. Next, small intakes of carbohydrates meaning the prevention of diabetes is also a way in slowing down Alzheimer's. Eating foods rich in Vitamin K helps to slow the effect of Alzheimer's. And lastly, eating foods unsaturated fats such as nuts help boost memory.

Again, the scientists and doctors are not saying that following these ways can stop Alzheimer's but it can be stemmed.

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