'Street Fighter 5' Update, Release Date: New Character Urien, Versus-CPU Mode, and More Fight Money Arrive

Fans of the classic fighting game Street Fighter 5 will have one new player to try out and several new stages to experience in the forthcoming September update of the game.

The Capcom Unity Blog recently announced the debut of a much awaited new character in the latest iteration of their classic fighting game.

Urien The Illuminati

The site said that the character "Urien," who first appeared in "Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact" and later returned in "Street Fighter 3rd Strike," will arrive as a DLC update for PlayStation 4 and PC gamers on Sept. 22.

Urien is the younger sibling of Street Fighter III's main antagonist Gill and was known among players as the vice president of the Illuminati.

Urien's arrival in Street Fighter 5 was first announced to the public last August by Gamespot.

According to IGN, players will be able to purchase the character on Steam or through the PlayStation store.

Players who have purchased the game's season pass will get "Urien" without any additional steps.

Urien is the sixth and final downloadable game character for the first season of post-launch DLC of Street Fighter 5.

Versus CPU Mode

Aside from the new character, Capcom also confirmed that it will finally activate the much awaited "vs. CPU" mode in the Sept. 22 update.

Surprisingly, this feature was absent when the game was released early this year, February, much to the chagrin of devoted fans.

According to IGN, the absence of a "vs. CPU" was a sore point for many players who wanted to practice their skills.

Capcom is apparently addressing the lament of fans with the forthcoming update.

New Environmental Stage Knock-Outs

In addition, the September DLC will bring new environmental stage knock-outs for Shadaloo Base, Hillside Plaza, Underground Arena, Forgotten Waterfall, Union Station, Kanzuki Estate, City in Chaos, Apprentice Alley, and Lair of the Four Kings. Additionally, premium costumes will now be available in all colors.

According to Polygon, players will also get new ways to earn more Fight Money in the game.

Just like in other fighting games, Street Fighter 5 has in-game currency which players acquire when they win in the game. In the coming update, players will have new "Daily Targets" which award players money when the targets are accomplished.

Daily Targets will give between 100 and 5,000 Fight Money.

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