When Love And Music Collide: Tinder Collabs With Spotify

Where words fail, music speaks.

Remember when finding your special someone takes time? When you have to spend countless hours for you to find your match with the same interest? Well, welcome to the new age of dating - it might only take a few milliseconds to find your match.

Finding a date or partner is as easy as swiping your fingers on your mobile phone. With the new partnership of Tinder and Spotify, it allows users to enjoy their music while looking for a date all at the same time.

Every Tinder user can now put or pin any music on their profile. It is referred to as "Tinder Anthem". Music will be provided by Spotify and they can start using it right away.

No Spotify account? No problem. There is no need to register an account from Spotify. Once they update their Tinder app, Spotify will be added and integrated automatically. All users will have the privilege to use and find a song that represents them.

Spotify has more than 30 million songs in their libraries. This means there are no limits on searching for a song that best suits you. You can go from Rock, RnB, Rap to Pop - name it; they have it all.

How does this new innovation work? Tinder created a program where it will choose 10 top artists from Spotify and will display it on user's profile. This includes the artists you and your match have both selected.
Tinder will also provide a playlist under five different themes. Namely "Pre-Swipe," "Discovery," "Match," "Love at First Swipe," and "Date Night."

The Swedish music and video streaming provider started to flirt with the possibility of joining forces with Tinder since June. They also provided a hint when they partnered with dating app "Bumble", which is founded by Whitney Wolfe who is the co-founder of Tinder as well.

Tinder and Spotify has a million users. You'll never know, by pinning Taylor Swift on your Tinder profile might get you a date.

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