Upgrade On Technology: Robots Can Now Detect Your Emotions

With recent upgrades from the field of technology, many people think that perhaps anything really is possible. And by the word possible, it means turning robots into something that could empathize or actually feel rollercoaster of emotions like humans would. Recent findings found out that this is not rocket science - it is possible. This upgrade could help companies fully understand their customers.

According to Tech Republic, the researchers behind this improvement are from Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. They developed an EQ radio, a machine that could actually tell what you're feeling at the moment by measuring your breathing and heart rate. Through a wireless signal, the EQ radio uses algorithm to know one's heartbeat, breathing patterns, and arousal. With the given information, it would analyze and then determine if the person is happy, sad, or disappointed, with an accuracy rate of around 87%.

What is good about this invention is that people who want to try it, do not need to wear any machine-operated devices. It doesn't need active participation of the user because the machine itself will work directly on it.

The professor of the school thinks that the improved robots could actually make way for upgrades on the field of entertainment, behavior, and healthcare as well. As cited in MIT News, film producers could actually measure audience's satisfaction in real-time. Inventions like adjusting the air conditioning of a room depending on the mood of the person inside could actually be possible because of this.

By the functions mentioned, this could hugely help in police investigations, hospital diagnosis, and judicial proceedings.

This invention is indeed helpful for this generation but is also prone to abuse. People could intentionally track someone's heartbeat and breathing without the consent of the latter, which would then lead to invading his or her privacy.

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