Mercedes AMG’s Soft-Topped Convertible: The Roadster

Looking through beautiful headlamps and sitting confidently in its bespoke interiors,  this 4.0-liter, V8 engine, 196-mph soft-top convertible deserves a solid introduction. Mercedes-AMG introduces its new range-topping version that features open-top driving - the GT Roadster.

There are two variants of the convertible available- the GT Roadster which is the standard form and the more powerful GT C Roadster.

The Roadster has lightweight technology with a big engine that boasts of an upscale design that lives up to its name.

Now, take the roof away and ravel on its smooth design. There is no hideaway hardtop for GT Roadster design- only your good fabric soft top. And like modern convertibles, the roof hides itself in 11 minutes and at speeds of 50 kph.

The Roadster also comes with revised sills. This revision is part of strengthening its structural integrity to compensate for the loss of a more rigid roof. This change therefore makes the Roadster heavier than the Coupe.

It is important to note that the Roadster is more powerful than their Coupe counterparts. The standard GT Roadster runs with 476PS of power and 630Nm of torque. On the other hand, GT C Roadster runs at 557PS and 680Nm. The additional power negates the extra weight of the roadster; therefore, giving them 0-100 kph timings as with hardtop convertibles. GT has been rated with 4.0 seconds and GTC with 3.7 seconds.

The Roadster engine has consequently been returned to deliver 469bhp and 464lb ft for GT while 549bhp and 510lb ft for GT C.

A four-way drive mode controller delivered the engine's output with GT C capable of a Race Mode aside from the Track Use. This is in spite of GT C also having wider rear tyres resulting in a wider bodywork. GT C weighs 65kg more than the standard GT.

Both the GT and GT C Roadsters have the AMG 'Speedshift' 7-seed transmission which spins the rear wheels.

Prices of the Roadster remains undetermined. Merc projects it may cost more than its equivalent Coupes by around ten grand - this could have been around £105-110,000 for the GT and a bit higher for the GT C.

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